Robin has been developing her artistic skills and passion for more decades than she would like to admit, and through Fourcrows she offers unique and original pieces.

Early in her career, Robin worked in pen and ink drawing, charcoal and film photography.  Her experience with film photography ranged from shooting, through darkroom processing, to finished prints, primarily in black and white. 

After moving away from the college darkroom facilities where she had worked, Robin returned to drawing and painting.  She played with large-scale acrylics as well as found-object art, and whatever creative outlet she could find at the time.  

In the mid-90’s, Robin entered the digital art world with early versions of Photoshop and the digital camera that she acquired shortly thereafter.  These tools allowed her to pursue work in the areas of advertising, branding and marketing as well as jump back in to the photography she loved so much.

Over the course her career, Robin has also worked in other mediums including screen-printing, linocut, monoprint, oils, colored pencil, graphite, digital darkroom and most recently, digital art using a variety of tools on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

We appreciate that you took the time to drop by and hope you will find something interesting.  We hope to add new content regularly, so please stop back often.  Also, please note that we're working diligently to complete a store section on the website that will offer Robin's work for sale.  A Grand Opening will be announced soon.  

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